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Introducing Play! NANOO SDK

Global Service SDK with essential features for self-publishing

All features built in one SDK!

For the game/app developers targeting the global market, use our SDK to integrate Forum, Help Desk, Receipt Validation, Inbox, Coupons, Cloud Data, and Leaderboards.


Use only the features you need!

There is no need to create from scratch. Just quickly integrate and use the server-based features. You only get charged for the features and the amount used.


Proven usability in the global environment!

Developed, tested and used daily by us to serve the global users, the integrated SDK offers usability and reliability with all the know-how built in.

Things you can do with Play! NANOO

Simply integrate without building a server and publish globally on your own


Manage and operate online forums. Communicate with gamers in an independent forum environment. Integrating Inboxes enables direct gifting of items to users.

Help Desk

Professional user support system for global service. Provide users with FAQ and game/app support with our management services. Integrating Inbox enables sending items to users directly.

Receipt Validation

Prevent faulty or fraudulent payments with this essential feature. See real-time game/app revenue and stats on PC or mobile.


Generate and authenticate coupon codes from the server. Generate a single-use or mass coupons. Check on coupon activity to effectively manage and see coupon uses by the users.


Issue and manage game/app items from the server. Generate large number of items for activities in event promotion, forum, or help desk.

Cloud Data

Enable users to save or load data from the cloud. Users can manage their data by transferring their own game/app use activity and data.


플레이어 인증 세션 관리, 실시간 데이터 분석등 일정기간 동안만 사용하실 수 있는 데이터 저장 서비스를 제공합니다.


See Total Ranking, Season Ranking or Ranking by Country in real-time with data from the server. Motivate users to play by promoting competition in ranking.


Send different types of rewards by sharing custom-made invitations between players.


친구 등록을 통하여 협동, 경쟁 및 다양한 보상 서비스를 제공 할 수 있습니다.

SDK Support

Features needed for iOS/Android are consistently being developed and upgraded. Play! NANOO SDK will always be maintained for the future.

Integration Guide

Guide for Integrating Play! NANOO SDK is provided. Integrate and use features needed quickly.

To download or access console for Play! NANOO SDK  Click Here!

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