Silicon Valley: Billionaire

Silicon Valley Startup Simulation

Silicon Valley: Billionaire

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Dreams do come true! Become the hottest CEO in Silicon Valley. Grow your company to become a billionaire!


- Grow your company! Expand your business. Stack office spaces. Upgrade interiors.

- Hire employees! Hire, fire, educate, promote, vacation and more! Whoever said being a CEO would be easy?

- Show us the money! Not only make profit, but get investments and manage money.

- Hit the jackpot with stocks! Startups are everywhere in Silicon Valley. Make big money investing in other players companies.

- Acquire other companies! Conquer Silicon Valley by merging and acquiring companies of players online.

You too can be a billionaire. Create a startup company in Silicon Valley!

  • Developer: Ohs&Ahs
  • Release Date: October 2016
  • Genre: Simulation / Strategy
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